Ever since the Supreme Court of the United States upheld a commonsense farm animal protection—California's Proposition 12—lobbyists representing only a segment of the pork industry have pushed for a so-called “fix”—a “fix” that is not at all necessary. First they tried it through legislation like the Ending Agriculture Trade Suppression (EATS) Act (S. 2019/H.R. 4417). And now it's clear that their allies in Congress are going to try and use the Farm Bill to implement this “fix.” 

The proposed partisan Farm Bill in the U.S. House of Representatives contains language that aims to invalidate Prop 12 and could also wipe out hundreds of other state laws. Animals (and people) need your help to stop the unraveling of even the most basic protections.


9.8 Billion
Land Animals

Are raised on U.S. factory farms and killed in slaughterhouses every year, including 9.3 billion chickens.


The size of an

Battery cages for egg-laying hens force each bird to live her entire life on less space than the dimensions of an iPad.

pig in pen

7x2 ft

Gestation crates are so small they prevent mother pigs from even turning around.

Nix the Prop 12 "Fix"!

Nix the Prop 12 “Fix”! +

Farm Animals

Nix the Prop 12 “Fix”!

Urge your legislators urge you to oppose language in the Farm Bill that seeks to nullify state animal protection laws!

What is the Prop 12 “fix”?

The proposed partisan Farm Bill in the U.S. House contains language that aims to invalidate Prop 12—the popular California ballot initiative setting in-state standards for the production and sale of certain egg, veal and pork products. This “fix” is unnecessary and could also nullify hundreds of other state laws not only relating to animal welfare and products, but also how states regulate the sales of products within their own borders, set standards for disease and quarantine control, toxic materials, and more.


Who Opposes the Prop 12 “fix”?

Farmers & Producers

Man in cowboy hat.

Elected Officials

Dog in front of U.S. Capitol

Legal Professionals

Rear view of woman facing a judge on the bench.

Veterinary Community

Person holding farm animal.

Americans from all backgrounds oppose the current attempt to “fix” Prop 12 (a law that does not need fixing) as well as other legislation, like the EATS Act, seeking to nullify state animal protection laws. For many years, we’ve successfully made the case against extreme confinement methods in industrial agribusiness as both cruel to animals and dangerous to human health.

Fact vs Fiction

There are a lot of falsehoods circulating about Proposition 12 as well as the more humane treatment of farm animals in general. Check here to find out the truth!

In the News

A variety of news outlets across the country have reported on the emergence of attempts to invalidate Prop 12 as well as other related legislation seeking to nullify state animal protection laws. These stories chronicle the deep divide it has brought to the farming industry and share the opinions of experts and concerned citizens alike.


The Humane Society Legislative Fund has compiled resources to empower advocates to speak out against the Prop 12 "fix", the EATS Act, or related legislation.