Wildlife  /  Nov 18, 2022

Endangered Species Act proposal would be a win for elephants

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block

There’s a golden opportunity to help protect African elephants now that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed a new Endangered Species Act rule. If finalized, the new rule would better regulate imports of African elephants and their parts, like hunting trophies, to the U.S. We have long advocated that the existing regulations are not strong enough.

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Equines, Federal Legislation  /  Nov 14, 2022

As the House votes to stop soring of horses, it’s PAST time

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block

On the House floor Monday night, the House of Representatives voted 304 to 111 to pass the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act into law. With just a few weeks remaining in the 117th Congress, getting a vote in the Senate will take some effort. But with this resounding vote in the House, we’ve witnessed—and helped to deliver—the clearest possible message that Americans are sick of horse soring and want to see it abolished. Now it’s time to get the job all the way done.

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Elections  /  Nov 09, 2022

Another successful election for animal advocates

As we continue to watch for final election results in several key races across the country, we first want to say thank you. Thank you for voting. Thank you for being concerned citizens weighing candidates’ positions on animal protection issues when you cast your ballot. And thank you for participating in one of the most crucial functions of our democratic republic.

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Elections  /  Nov 07, 2022

Vote your full ballot for animal protection

By Brad Pyle

Our supporters are accustomed to hearing from us at HSLF about federal legislation, policy, and elections, but our work—and our impact for animals—extends far beyond Washington, D.C. We keep a close watch on critical local and state legislation and on politics that may have an impact on animals. And every year, HSLF’s team then meets with candidates seeking election to state and local offices, and in many instances HSLF issues endorsements and campaigns on their behalf.

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Elections  /  Nov 04, 2022

Tuesday’s Election will shape the future of humane laws in Congress

Election Day will determine the composition of the U.S. Congress for 2023 and 2024. Every member of the U.S. House of Representatives and 35 seats in the U.S. Senate are up for election this year—and the consequences for animals will be profound. Passing humane laws at the federal level begins by electing humane candidates to Congress. That’s why your HSLF meets with candidates, examines their records, and supports those whose commitments to animal protection are clear.

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Farm Animals  /  Oct 26, 2022

Breaking: Court rules HSUS lawsuit against pork producer Smithfield can proceed

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block

This week, a court rejected an attempt by Smithfield Foods to dismiss the Humane Society of the United States’ lawsuit against the company for misrepresenting to customers how it treats mother pigs in its pork supply chain. This ruling means our case can go forward to trial.

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Farm Animals  /  Oct 20, 2022

Pigs’ day in (the Supreme) Court

By Jon Lovvorn

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments about Proposition 12, California’s landmark law to address animal cruelty and public health issues stemming from the worst factory farming practices, such as confining pregnant pigs in gestation crates so small they can hardly move. Jon Lovvorn, senior vice president and chief counsel for our Animal Protection Law department, sat at the counsel table in support of Proposition 12. Here he reflects on what this moment in history means for the animal protection movement.

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Farm Animals, In the News  /  Oct 11, 2022

Breaking: U.S. Supreme Court just heard arguments in historic case for animals

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block

Today the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on the most consequential law ever passed in relation to the treatment of farm animals, California’s Proposition 12. Passed by voters in 2018, Proposition 12 bans the extreme confinement of mother pigs, egg-laying hens and baby calves, and outlaws the sale of pork, eggs and veal sourced from extreme confinement.

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Federal Legislation  /  Sep 22, 2022

Do your federal legislators measure up on animal welfare? Use the Humane Scorecard to find out

Accountability is key to our efforts to secure the passage of animal-friendly federal legislation. We are accountable to our supporters as well as to the animals we seek to defend, and we never forget who we’re working for. We also work continuously to hold elected officials accountable for their track records wherever the interests of animals are concerned. Our annual Humane Scorecard is a tool to gauge where members of the House and Senate stand on our core priorities, and its publication makes their records plain to the world.

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Equines, Federal Legislation  /  Sep 21, 2022

PAST Act wins strong bipartisan approval in Energy and Commerce Committee, setting stage for full House vote on soring

By a 46-9 vote today, the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act (H.R. 5441), setting the stage for congressional leaders to bring it to the House floor quickly for a vote. The bill, which currently has 261 sponsors and strong support from both parties, would amend the federal Horse Protection Act to eliminate industry-self policing, ban soring devices and strengthen penalties for soring, a furtive practice in which dishonest trainers use painful techniques to induce an artificially high-stepping gait in show horses to win prizes.

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Wildlife, Federal Legislation  /  Sep 20, 2022

We’re honoring lawmakers for their efforts to save sharks and end the shark fin trade

By Kitty Block and Sara Amundson

At a time when bipartisanship can be unpredictable in politics, it’s particularly gratifying to recognize four lawmakers who have joined together to advance one of the most urgent animal protection measures in the Congress, the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act.

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Elections  /  Sep 20, 2022

Are you #VoteReady? Tuesday, September 20 is National Voter Registration Day

Humane advocates who use their right to vote stand at the heart of our mission to end the suffering of animals—just as the right to vote is itself foundational to American democracy.

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