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Humane Society Legislative Fund endorses Mark Herring for Attorney General of Virginia

Humane Society Legislative Fund endorses Mark Herring for Attorney General of Virginia

Humane Society Legislative Fund endorses Mark Herring for Attorney General of Virginia

WASHINGTON (May 20, 2021)—Today the Humane Society Legislative Fund, the nation’s leading political advocacy organization for animal welfare, announced its endorsement of Mark Herring for reelection as Attorney General of Virginia.

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In the aftermath of the terrible events of January 6, we should not underestimate the great damage done to our nation and the urgent need for healing that lies ahead. One of the most important pathways to social and political revival will be an even stronger commitment to a healthy and democratic process and governance. We can no longer take for granted the institutions that have made us proud to be Americans. We must make still greater personal and professional investments to strengthen them.

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As our wounded nation seeks to transcend the events of January 6, we’re turning our attention to the important work of helping animals, confident that the things we do, as engaged citizens and advocates for animals, are good for the democratic institutions of government. The actions we take in relation to public policy for animals contribute to the vitality and health of American politics, providing, among other things, an area of concern—animal welfare—that attracts people of all political persuasions.

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It is your support and engagement that makes it possible for the Humane Society Legislative Fund to carry the banner for animals in the U.S. Congress and in state legislatures; secure passage of animal protection statutes at every level; mobilize a healthy grassroots movement to press for good laws, regulations, and enforcement; and do what’s needed to elect humane-minded candidates. That’s why, on behalf of my colleagues, and with the deepest gratitude, I want to assure you that this year—as always—we were at the center of every pro-animal fight there was. 

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We knew for certain coming into this election season that it would be a fateful one for animals, and at both the state and federal levels the Humane Society Legislative Fund made significant commitments, including endorsements, independent expenditures, and direct candidate contributions. We are thrilled with the results of our efforts to elect animal welfare champions, send anti-animal legislators packing, and remind the nation of the value and importance of political advocacy for animals.

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By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block

As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris head to the White House, they bring with them a proven track record of protecting animals.

In past years, we have worked with both the president- and vice-president-elect to strengthen laws on wildlife, marine mammals, farm animals, and so much more, and we look forward to continue working with them in coming years.