Tue, 08/23/2022 - 19:49

By Kitty Block and Sara Amundson

Summer is a time of rest and relaxation for many of us, but there has been no lull in our fight to end puppy mills. We have made real progress in our campaign to stop inhumane dog breeders who mass-produce puppies for sale through third party outlets like pet stores and online sites that allow their cruelty to remain hidden. Here’s a roundup of recent wins:

Thu, 08/18/2022 - 13:44

Tue, 08/16/2022 - 14:54

Thu, 08/11/2022 - 10:29

Since 2006, with the primary goal of advancing federal animal protection legislation, the Humane Society Legislative Fund has published the Humane Scorecard to track the relevant votes, co-sponsorships, and other actions of federal lawmakers. It’s popular with our supporters, and it’s influential with legislators who know the value of a higher score.

Given the success of the scorecard, and with so much at stake for animals in state capitols, we’ve now started tracking key animal protection votes by state legislators.

Fri, 08/05/2022 - 08:05

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block

Note: This blog is part of a series highlighting how the Humane Society family of organizations fight—and win—for animals. For this post, Kitty Block, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, joins with our president, Sara Amundson, to tell the story about how we tackle institutionalized animal suffering by changing laws and government regulations.

Mon, 07/25/2022 - 13:38

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block

Sharks have been around for 450 million years, outliving the dinosaurs and surviving mass extinctions. But now, out of the 500 or so species (that we know of), a third of all sharks and shark-like species are threatened with extinction due to human activity. Some of these species include the unique scalloped hammerhead shark, the common thresher shark, which uses a long tail to stun prey and the bespeckled whale shark, the world’s largest living fish.

Tue, 05/31/2022 - 20:01

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block

We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the 82 beagles languishing at Inotiv’s Mount Vernon, Indiana, laboratory that was the site of our recent undercover investigation. A Humane Society of the United States investigator found 80 beagle puppies being force-fed potentially toxic drugs in tests commissioned by Crinetics, a pharmaceutical company in San Diego, along with two adult beagles who’d been being used for years to practice invasive procedures.

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