Humane Society Legislative Fund endorses Rep. Rodney Davis for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District

Humane Society Legislative Fund endorses Rep. Rodney Davis for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District

WASHINGTON (September 25, 2020)—Today the Humane Society Legislative Fund, the nation’s leading political advocacy organization for animal welfare, announced its endorsement of Rep. Rodney Davis for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District.

In addition to earning a score of 75 on HSLF’s 2019 Humane Scorecard, Rep. Davis has spearheaded efforts to crack down on the dog meat trade and singled out the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act for strong bipartisan support.

“Rodney Davis has worked across party lines to protect animals from cruelty and abuse,” said Sara Amundson, president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund. “We urge voters in Illinois’ 13th district to join us in enthusiastically supporting his re-election.”

Among his other efforts in the 116th Congress, Rep. Davis has:

  • Cosponsored the Prevent Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (H.R. 724) to make malicious animal cruelty a crime on federal property and in interstate commerce, and complement state anti-cruelty laws, which was signed into law.
  • Cosponsored the Horse Racing Integrity Act (H.R. 1754) to address widespread doping—a key contributing factor to frequent fatalities on American racetracks—by banning race-day medication, increasing out-of-competition testing and establishing uniform national rules governing use of drugs in racehorses.
  • Cosponsored the Welfare of Our Friends Act (H.R. 1002) to address significant deficiencies in USDA oversight of commercial dog breeding facilities.
  • Cosponsored the Providing Responsible Emergency Plans for Animals at Risk of Emerging Disasters Act (H.R. 1042) to require facilities regulated under the AWA to submit annual contingency plans for the animals in their care during natural disasters, power outages and other crises.
  • Voted against an amendment (H.Amdmt. 411) to H.R. 3055 to prohibit the National Marine Fisheries Service from implementing science-based consensus recommendations to save the North Atlantic right whale, a critically endangered species.
  • Voted for U.S. Senator Joseph D. Tydings Memorial Prevent All Soring Tactics Act (H.R. 693) to strengthen the federal law against the “soring” of Tennessee Walking horses in shows—using caustic chemicals and other painful substances to injure the horses’ hooves and legs to induce a high-stepping gait.
  • Voted for the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act (H.R. 737) to prohibit the trade of shark fins for which sharks are hunted and their maimed bodies returned to the ocean.

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